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I organise my life with a series of printables and would be lost without them!

I have put all of my printables together in a clear and simple format, for anyone that would like to give them a try.  You can get your copy below for just £2.49! Just print them out and organise your life the easy way 🙂 Each document will have a PDF and a partially editable version if you wanted to make it your own.

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A digital copy will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours, so you can make as many copies as you need. If the e-mail address you want them sent to is different to your PayPal, please send me a message to mrsrackleyhome@hotmail.com

These documents changed my life when I started using them. I used to stress constantly about what I would cook tonight and if we had the right ingredients, when the car MOT was due, if we had everything we needed for holiday etc.


I keep them all in a clear ringbinder from Wilko (the home cover page will be included in the pack too) and call this my home binder. The dividers are from the martha stewart range in duck egg blue, bought to match my home office colours of course, but any dividers would do the job! The labels were printed with my label maker and stuck on (more about my label maker on my study organistion post).

I’ll talk you through each printable!



The most important for me, and the one lots of you have asked about is my meals for the  month page! We sit down once a month and plan a meal for each night for one month (or until the next pay day to be precise). We find this really useful as we both get to choose things we fancy eating and don’t have to think about what to cook for a whole month.

Tips: I plan easier meals for Monday nights as this is the night I can normally not be bothered to do very much! Start by putting in any dates that you will be eating out and then start putting meals in together.

How to use: Use one colour to add the dates along the bottom right corner (each month will start on a different day), then use another colour to fill in dinner for each night. We do sometimes swap days when we want something different one night, but the great thing is you should have already got the ingredients for both and use them on the alternative night instead.


The next most important is the grocery list, this goes hand in hand with the above document. Once we’ve completed our plan for the month, we use the detailed shopping list to write down all the ingredients we need for each meal in the relevant section. We do this in the kitchen so that we can check the cupboards at the same time and not duplicate ingredients we already have.

Tips: We buy all meat, shelf  items, frozen items and items that will stay in date in advance and buy perishable items like milk and bread each week only. Meat can be frozen for a month, so all meat is kept in the freezer and taken out the night before it is needed. This means we only do one big shop a month and mini top ups for milk and bread (or cream etc) when needed. It also means that we have paid for dinner for the month and can budget easier the rest of it.

How to use: Fill in the meals you will cook on the left hand column if you need reminding when shopping of which night you are cooking. Go through each meal and put each ingredient in the relevant shopping category. When going round the shop you will be able to see exactly which items you need from each section, making shopping easier and quicker!


This document is a weekly schedule that you can complete to better organise your cleaning routine. The word version of this document will include a draft idea to use, which is based on my own cleaning routines.

Tips: My best tip for cleaning and organising is always to clean little and often. I find cleaning and tidying things when they get used and not letting them build up helps me keep on top of the housework!

How to use: Fill in a room/task to focus on each day and a deep clean to focus on for each weekend/when you have time.


All monthly outgoings and incoming are listed in this document so that you can keep track of your finances.

How to use: Fill the amount for each of your bills in the relevant column, with the amount and the day of the  month it is due. Fill in the bottom section with your total income(s) and work out what you will have left to spend after the outgoings.


This document also relates to the above document by allowing you to keep track of which bills have come out each month and what is left.

How to use: Fill in each bill type, amount and tick the monthly column when the bill is paid each month.


This document allows you to keep track of the end dates for all of your fixed utilities and bills e.g. gas or mobile contracts, to ensure that you renew in time and get the best deal.

Tip: The best time to haggle new deals is about a month before the end of your contract.

How to use: Fill in each renewal item, the price and the renewal date. Then tick once renewed.


One place to keep track of when your car(s) are next due for their MOT, tax, tyre change etc.

How to use: Fill in each section by following the headings!


This list I keep in my study and bedroom, with birthday and big events for each month!

How to use: Fill in each month with birthdays to remember, anniversaries, holidays etc.


I’m always worrying I will forget to pack something when going on holiday, so use this list to ensure everything is thought about!

How to use: Fill in flight info at top, packing list, to book things like taxi’s, vaccinations etc., trips that you will be going on and a misc section for anything else e.g. buy sun cream!


This list is used to keep track of who we need to buy for, any ideas, budgets and when they’ve been bought for.

How to use: Fill in each section by following the headings!


A general list that you can use for whatever you like! The title on the word version can be edited to whatever you are planning.

Some ideas: DIY lists, home projects you want to finish, shopping lists, wish lists, films to watch, books to read, cocktails to try, places to visit etc.

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Happy organising!


Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. I received my printouts yesterday and got them printed out in work today. I love your website. Your home is stunning. I’m loving the new look (wallpaper) in your lounge. Looking forward to getting organised. Keep up the great work xx

  2. Your website is just incredible! Can’t stop going on about it and showing my partner haha! The most stunning home I have ever seen! XxxX

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