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This home tour will be about my downstairs entrance hall, landing and upstairs hall! The http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8406392/type/dlg/http://www.argos.co.uk/search/mirror/same theme flows throughout.

UPDATED photo: we’ve now added beaded wallpaper to this as a feature wall – it’s covered in thousands of tiny crystals and catches the light beautifully!

Wallpaper (white)- Link

The bottom half is also now wallpaper – it’s a shimmery one with very faint lines, catches the light perfectly but very subtle.

Wallpaper (taupe) – Link

The lamps are also new and were from Homebase.Carpets: the current carpets throughout the entire house are called revolution twist in cream from carpetright, they’re stain free!

Rug – Link

Radiator Covers: I often get asked about my radiator covers, this is the only ones I’ve managed to find large enough (over 2m!) and luckily very pretty too! You can find them here:

Radiator Covers – eBay Link


(From the old set up) Now lets look at how that radiator cover has been dressed – firstly these glass candlesticks are lovely. I found them in Home Bargains for a great price, not sure if they still have them though! They still have the bulk buy case on their website to give you an idea:

Candlesticks – Link

The candles themselves look so pretty and much more expensive than they are! The pictured candles are in off white and powder, but the off white is currently out of stock so I’ve put the white one:

White  Candles – Link

Powder Pink Candles – Link


These flowers are made up of a punch of peonies from the range (not online but they’re about £5.99 in store), a simple jam jar (from homebase for £2), white ribbon from the range (£1) and clear crystals in the bottom from Home Bargains (£1) – and voila they resemble the Next ones!


These shiny votive holders are from the range.

Candle Holder – Link


(From the old set up) This one was my first ever wax burner! It’s mirrored, has a heart pattern and pretty design – what’s not to love! I actually ordered this while on holiday in our favourite place in the world – Mexico, because they resort started selling the fragrance they burn in the hotel (it smells amazing and always reminds me of being there!). I ordered the burner to arrive as soon as we got home so I could burn the oil immediately haha! They’ve changed the style slightly since then:

Heart Wax Warmer – Link


The biggest dressing for this entrance hall has to be this HUGE mirror! I was so excited when we found this, it’s stunning, massive and an amazing price at only £39.99!

Darlington Mirror – Link


(From the old set up) I have two sets of these wicker hearts in this entrance hall too, they actually came from Homebase last year, but they usually have them around Christmas time!


(From the old set up) The light in the downstairs hall is the Halo light from Next. Unfortunately, not current so no link but they have been popping up in the clearance/sale section now and again!


The other thing we have in the downstairs and upstairs hallways that isn’t often pictured is our smoke alarms, they also detect carbon monoxide. Now I know smoke alarms aren’t normally something exciting but they are AMAZING!! They have a phone app and connect to your wifi, so as soon as your alarm goes off or your battery is low or your wifi is off, it will tell your phone. We have two that are labelled upstairs and downstairs on the app, and it tells you which one is going off and why – e.g. smoke detected “upstairs”.

We have recently set fire to a light bulb (in the upstairs chandelier coming up soon) and the phone and app detected the smoke before a single bit of actual smoke was visible! We also have a mains wired smoke alarm near it and that hadn’t even beeped by the time we realised where the smoke was detected and stopped it!

They may not be cheap but they are 100% worth it because I know they’re super sensitive and I will know if anything happens when I’m out (e.g. with my slow cooker!). Every night they also give you a little green flash when you turn the lights out to tell you they are charged and connected!

Nest Smoke Alarm – Link


Starting to go upstairs, there is a little beaded heart on the staircase. This was from the Range a while ago!


The window on the landing has a blind that was from Dunelm a while ago, I’m planning to replace this with a handmade pelmet soon to let more light in the top (new how to blog post to come!!). The wicker heart is also from Homebase, like the ones downstairs.

UPDATE: The blind has now been replaced with a pelmet – see here for info.

The rose balls candles are from the range and the sign can be found here:

Plaque Sign – Link

Rose Ball Candles – Link


Moving on to the upstairs hallway, this radiator cover is from Amazon:

Radiator Cover – Link

The middle rose heart holder was from Next a while ago so no link unfortunately, but Dunelm do something similar, a mini white crate with heart cut outs and roses.

The silver candles were from Home Bargains and only £2.99 each!

UPDATE: this top floor has also had new beaded wallpaper recently added! It’s all white but shimmers and makes such a difference to an otherwise plain space!

Wallpaper – Link

Candlesticks – Link

Flowers – Next


This bargain mirror was only £19.99 from B&M stores! Looks so good for that price!


The small light in the upstairs hallway is a very recent addition and has made a big difference to making it brighter at night! It’s called Olivia from Argos. I saw the small Laura Ashley vienna light in store on the same day and I think they look really similar but for a fraction of the price – we all know I love a bargain!!

Olivia Light – Link

We also put a chrome rose instead of a basic white one, which I think looks better – so much so that I want to replace all the ceiling rose’s in the house with these! Let’s not tell Mr Rackley that though!!

Chrome Rose – Link


The other light fitting in this hallway is this stunning illusion chandelier from Next at the top of the staircase! This was also in the sale a while ago but does pop up in the clearance/sale section often!

UPDATE – front door is painted in dulux gloss duck egg paint (it was in B&Q a while ago!)

Bay Trees – Link

Door mat – Next

The door mat has now been replaced for this one – Link


UPDATE: We’ve now added a storage bench and hooks to the entrance to make it easier for people to remove and put shoes on. The drawers also hold our daily use shoes for ease too.

Bench – Link

Wall Cabinet – eBay Link

Cushion (far left) – Link

Cushion (middle) – Link

Cushion (far right) – Link

The light has also been updated since this post first went up.

Ritz light – Link

Another space coming soon!


Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. My daughter put me on Instagram recently. Not really into famous people but I am hooked on your site. Love it. Never done Facebook think it’s pointless. Would be grateful for ideas for a awkward shape living room. Currently beige neutral. Thinking greys and white. Thank you.

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