Kitchen Organisation – Part 2

I’m going to talk you through a few more of my kitchen cupboards and how I organise them!

Let’s start with a question I was e-mailed today – where do I keep my tins and jars?


These tiered shelves are perfect for storing tins and jars, it enables you to see exactly what you have in the cupboard at a quick glance! Have a think about where you store your tins, do you know exactly what is at the back of the cupboard at the moment? Before we put these shelves in I was constantly forgetting if we had things we needed and buying them again (hence why we’ve ended up with so many tins probably haha)


These are the tiered shelves used for tins in the photo, they are simple plastic 3 step organisers. I found these in aldi a few months ago, but you can find the exact same ones here:

Tiered Organiser Shelf – Link


The other insert in this cupboard is this corner tiered shelf. This is great for seeing what is at the corner of cupboards and maximising space! This was also from aldi months ago but similar can be found here:

Corner Tier Shelf – Link


No organisation post by me would be complete without the use of baskets and labels! So, here we go, this cupboard contains baskets with handles, these are great for keeping items separate, easy to find and good for items that can be stacked! We use these for cakes and biscuits (the important stuff of course haha).

Baskets with Handles – Link


The cupboard below my oven contains baking trays, cake tins and oven gloves. But the best part of organisation in my kitchen is hidden in the mini drawer with the two dots!


This is a hidden drawer from IKEA, that uses wasted space at the top of drawers! It’s genius!! This drawer contains spice racks from IKEA for foil, cling film and greaseproof paper, my trusty e-cloths and those wipes at the back are brilliant for cleaning the microwave – you just heat them, let them steam the dirt and then just wipe!

IKEA drawers – Link

IKEA dividers – Link

E-cloths (see previous post – they’re brilliant!)

Ovenmate Microwave wipes – Link


We also have a concealed drawer under the hob! The main drawer has pots and pans but this hidden one again uses the wasted space at the top, by using IKEA trays to keep my utensils neat and near to where I need them when cooking! See how easy it is to find exactly what you need – no more rummaging around in the drawer for a wooden spoon!

IKEA tray – Link

IKEA tray – Link

More organisation to follow soon!

Love Mrs Rackley xx

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