LED Light Shelves

As you may have worked out we have developed a slight obsession with LED lights and generally anything that lights up! So when we saw light up shelves in a kitchen show room, we HAD to make our own..

Advance apologies for not too many photos on this post, I didn’t think ahead to take some during photos of this!

We started off by purchasing shelves that fit the size of the wall, LED strip lights (4 x 50cm pieces) and “T” connectors. Then Mr Rackley drew a line where each shelf would be screwed in on the wall.

Glass shelves –Link

LED Light Strip (4 x 50cm) – Link

T connectors – Link


Connect all the wires using the T connector to connect directly to the LED strip on the single side and the cables supplied with the LED Strips to connect each LED strip (see photo below – imagine there is a cable running down the right side though) He then drilled the chrome holders for the glass shelves into place and stuck the LED strip into place along where the back of each glass shelf would go.


Do this for all three shelves (if you want three!) It will look something like this. But if you had cables as much as I do and you feel confident (or have someone who would do it for you!) Mr Rackley used a chisel to chisel a path in the wall to the right and hide the cables into the wall. Then fill it back up with white filler and sand down to hide the cables. Make sure the sensor stays poking out of the wall near the bottom shelf.

This step can of course be skipped, if you don’t mind having white cables showing at the corner.


The cable will still need to come out of the wall like above. We also covered the cable in white tape, as it was black before and easier to hide in white. This kit comes with a USB end, so we purchased this white USB plug to connect it to a socket:

White USB Plug: Link


The shelves will then need 2 plastic washers put on each chrome shelf holder part to push them up, as the LED strips are wider than the shelf gap. Then screw the shelves in place!

Plastic Washers – Link

All that’s left is to switch them on!


Mrs Rackley xx

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  1. I love this but being blonde I haven’t got a clue how the t connecters work Could u plz plz show me even draw it so I know lol 😂 as I’m wanting to do this in my kitchen when we get the keys to our new home in 2 weeks xx

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