Pantry Cupboard Organisation

I’m going to do a few posts about how I’ve organised my kitchen, this will come in a few parts, firstly as I find time to do them and secondly as there are quite a few types of organisation in my kitchen one post would turn into a book if I kept talking!! Haha.


So let’s start with the main part of this cupboard. The part I call the “pantry”, this is basically a cupboard full of dry products stored neatly and easy to find.


The top part contains OXO jars full of items like pasta, rice, flour, sugar etc. These containers are AMAZING! They open and close with the push of the big round button on the top and form an air tight seal to make these products last much longer. They’re also clear so you can see exactly how much of each you have left and stock up!

We also added an extra shelf to the top of the OXO jars to store trays – making use of wasted space!


I have 4 different types of jar: mini, small, medium and large. Each has a Martha Stewart adhesive bookplate label attached to the front, with labels printed using my trusty label maker (Link here if anyone needs it again) – these are great as you can just swap the labels when you change the item inside it. You can find the jars here, they are definitely not cheap but in my opinion they’re worth the investment:

Mini OXO Jar (0.3L) – Link

Small OXO Jar (0.9L) – Link

Medium OXO Jar (1.4L) – Link

Large OXO Jar (2.0L) – Link

The Martha Stewart bookplates I found on eBay shipped over from the USA, there don’t seem to be any on there at the moment but they pop up on eBay and Amazon often.


The other part of this cupboard consists of wire pull out shelves and yet more baskets to keep things in order and tidy!

The wire baskets are from IKEA – Link


The shelves have two small Curver baskets at the front and one large one at the back and fit these pull out baskets neatly!


You can find the baskets here:

Small Curver Baskets (the photos are wrong, check the product dimensions) – Link

Medium Curver Baskets (again ignore the photo, check the dimensions) – Link


We deliberately left a small gap below the bottom wire basket to use for storing cans and lunchbox drinks – again a great way to use wasted space!

The cupboard above also has the IKEA wire baskets, but this time I’ve used some taller baskets that we can chuck crisps and chocolates into. The wire baskets are labelled to identify the crisp shelf and the chocolate shelf – got to get the priorities right!!


A close up of the crisp basket. These baskets were from wilko a while ago, but any basket would do the job!

Baskets – Link


Finally, the door of the cupboard contains a mini whiteboard to keep track of a shopping list as items run out (so easy to quickly write it down when you remember!), a copy of my meals for the month, so I can check at a glance what I’m making today/tomorrow etc. and remotes for the TV and LED lights stuck to the cupboard door, as you may have already worked out I HATE clutter on the surfaces!

The mini whiteboard was from poundland.

The LED strip control is stuck up using velcro strip – Link

The TV remote control is stuck up using this hook – Link

More to follow soon!


Mrs Rackley xx


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