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I get a lot of questions about the lights behind my TV so I’m going to share a little how-to with you all tonight! It’s worth noting that you can make the strip any colour,  I just normally prefer the pink/purple setting.

I have now used two different types of LED strip light, so will go through both – one is easier and the other looks neater.


Firstly, let’s start with the TV in my lounge. This one has the more “complicated” set up but the cable sits a lot better and looks much neater with no wires poking at the back etc.


Mr Rackley put up a rectangular border on the wall behind the TV made from plastic angle moulding strip (sorry for the rubbish photo, can’t find one showing the whole rectangle area and it’s a nightmare to remove the TV from the wall!) . This strip needs to be screwed or bonded to the wall.

Plastic Angle Strip from Homebase – Link


The LED strip arrives like this (this photo is the USB version, the link below is for the plug version).

LED Light Strip 5m – Link


I would suggest you first connected the cable and checked that it powers on and changes colour properly before sticking it to the wall/TV.

You need to ensure the little arrows on the connectors are pointing to each other (see above) for them to work.


The next step is to remove the protective tape from the strip and stick the light strip to the border (or some prefer to stick straight onto the back of the TV itself in a box shape).


Here is what it looks like stuck around the plastic angle moulding.

Ensure that the sensor (the little black blob on the end of a cable) is near the edge of the TV so that you can use the control to turn it on and off and to change colour.

The next step is to plug it in and go!

The other version we have used is 4 x 50cm light strips that connect together and have a USB end, this can the be plugged into the USB port on the back of the TV and will turn on and off when the TV is switched on.


This version however has connecting strips for the corners and can look a little messy, but you can secure it down with tape like above! This version also demonstrates sticking directly onto the TV back itself in a rectangle shape.

4 x 50cm Light Strips – Link

NOTE: try to avoid the vent holes on the back of the TV to avoid overheating.


This is what it looks like from the back – not very attractive I know!!


But much better from the front 🙂

Glass Square Table – Link

Grey Chairs – Link

Pink Bar Stools – Link

And we’ve grown quite fond of colour-changing LED lights, so why stop at just TV’s…


These are the 5m plug in lights (first link above) around the tops of the cupboards and under the wall cupboards.


And the glass light up shelves at the back use the 4 x 50cm strips (second link above) with other connector pieces (I’ll do a detailed post on how to for that soon!)

Some instagramers have added these lights behind their fridge, at bottom of their kitchen cupboards, around bathroom mirrors, around their bed – the uses are endless and everything looks good with pretty lights!


Mrs Rackley xx

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