One of my favourite cleaning items are e-cloths – I absolutely swear by them and have got many of my friends hooked on using them! They don’t require anything other than water, they aren’t expensive and most importantly they work a treat!

Here is a snapshot of my little collection. I’ll give you a little breakdown of what each one does:

My addiction with the e-cloth brand began with these e-towels! I was sick and tired of rubbish tea towels that either didn’t dry properly or left bits of lint behind that I went on the hunt for a decent tea towel! I tried and tested so many and none seemed to be any better, until I found one of these beauties! I don’t know how they work but somehow they seem to dry better and they don’t leave fluff all over the plates! I’ve got about 10 of them now haha.

E-towels – Link

This one is called the kitchen e-cloth and does exactly what it says on the tin! You damp it slightly and use it to wipe kitchen worktops, cupboards, ovens, fridges etc. This can be used with diluted Zoflora to wipe the kitchen down. It also has a little scourer corner on one edge for any hard to remove stains!

Kitchen e-cloth – Link

This one is called a cleaning pad and I use this one for cleaning the bath, shower, sink etc. You can use it to wipe most surfaces really!

E-cloth Cleaning Pad – Link

This one is part of a two-pack shower cleaning cloth (the other part is currently in the wash!) you use them in combination to clean and then to polish your shower screens etc.

E-cloth Shower Pack – Link


This set is for granite worktops – one is to clean and the other to polish! These work great in combination with my favourite Lakeland granite products (lakeland granite cleaner and lakeland worktop wonder). All of those items together keep my worktops looking nice, clean and shiny!

Granite e-cloths – Link

These are a particular favourite of mine – I use them at least once a day! They are stainless steel cloths – one side is smooth for polished stainless and the other is bumpy for brushed stainless. You damp them slightly and wipe to remove marks and polish your stainless steel items! This is what I use on my oven, microwave, fridge, cooker hood and electric fireplace and it works perfectly!

Stainless Steel E-cloth – Link

The last part of my collection is another item I LOVE and use often – the glass e-cloth! As you may have noticed, I have lots of glass furniture and mirrors in my house, these cloths don’t need dampening, you use them dry and just polish any marks straight out of glass surfaces and mirrors! I have lots of these hidden in drawers around the house to keep marks off of my mirrors and polished chrome light switches!

Glass e-cloth – Link

Another item I don’t have with me at the moment is the e-cloth glasses cloth, I wear glasses at work for computer use and find normal glasses cleaning cloths useless, but the e-cloth one is fantastic!

Glasses/Spectacles e-cloth – Link

There are lots more items in their range, my friends have also used the e-cloth washing sponge, ipad cloths and bathroom cloths. The whole range is brilliant!

The best part about these cloths is that you use them, chuck them in the machine with your normal washing and they’re ready to use again!

If you’re having trouble with cleaning any of the items listed above, give these cloths a go, you won’t be disappointed!


Mrs Rackley xx

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