DIY Wallpapering

Mr Rackley’s just finished wallpapering a small feature wall in our kitchen and I pretty much “supervised”, pasted a bit and took step by step photos of course!

This is very much a DIY guide to wallpapering and hopefully will be helpful to anyone who fancies giving it a go themselves.

You will need:


Wallpaper paste – we used homebase

Papering kit (this sets great!) – Link

Stanley knife (with new blade!)

Wallpapering table – ours was from homebase

Sugar soap – again ours was from homebase

Bowl with water and sponge

First step is to check the wall for bumps and scrape them off!

Begin by spraying the wall with sugar soap. Then using a bowl filled with water and a sponge wipe the wall clean.

In the meantime, we measured the length of the wall, laid the wallpaper on the floor, matched the pattern and cut strips ready to go up, leaving about 10cm extra at each side. This is an optional step!

Using the plumb bob in the kit (a hanging heavy object to you and me!) and a ruler draw a straight line on the wall for the first piece to line up against. Mr Rackley also uses a spirit level against the line to check it’s perfectly straight!

Paste the back of the paper using the paste brush (or wall depending on what your wallpaper packaging says!)

Fold the ends into the centre after pasted, think he called this bit booking?! And leave the paste for a few minutes before trying to stick to the wall.

For the first piece ensure the edge lines up with your pencil line you drew earlier (I missed a photo of this step!)

Use the paper hanging brush to smooth the paper down and remove any air bubbles.

For the following strips, match up the pattern and align the edges so there are no gaps.

Use a seam roller along the edges to help achieve a smooth edge.

If you have any plug sockets on the wall use a Stanley knife to score an X across the area you need open.

Peek the X back and cut the paper around the sockets using scissors or the Stanley knife.

Then when it’s all up, use the Stanley knife and the edge of this tool (not sure what it’s called but looks like a metal palette knife – update: I’m told it’s called a scraper!) to cut the edges of the paper to fit your walls, e.g. Just inside the skirting board or below the ceiling.

Then voila! A perfectly wallpapered wall!

Wallpaper – Link

Pink Step Ladder (great for reaching high kitchen cupboards too!) – Link

Tip: if you get any paste on the wallpaper front by accident, use a very slightly wet washing up sponge to wipe away the excess before it dries!


Mrs Rackley xx

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