Roman Numeral Wall Clock 

Another item I get asked about a lot is my kitchen wall clock. It arrives with sticky mirrored Roman numerals, sticky foam numerals, a clock piece and a template.

You mount the mirror parts onto the foam first. Then put a nail into the wall for the clock part and mount it to the wall.

Then using the template you mark each numeral on the wall at the distance you want and stick it on the wall. Our numerals are 40cm from the middle.

You can buy it here (silver version): Wall Clock


Mrs Rackley xx

9 thoughts on “Roman Numeral Wall Clock 

  1. Stunning home abs love this clock 😍How big is the clock? The part of my kitchen that I want this for has like a border of wood around the middle of the wall so I’m not sure if this would fit x

  2. Hiya,
    Do you mean I have to make a hole In the wall for every numeral? I don’t think my husband will be too happy about that lol X

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