Flower Centrepieces

Those of you that follow me on Instagram may already be familiar with my dining table centrepieces. One of my most asked questions is how to make them, so here is break down!

They’re very easy to do and so simple, but make a big impact! Anyone that knows me will know that I’m RUBBISH with real flowers, they just don’t seem to survive with me looking after them, so artificial flowers are perfect for me! If I had my way, we would even have fake grass in the garden..

You will need:

  • Flowers – Link
  • Mirror cube vases – Link
  • Oasis – Link

How To

  1. The oasis block can be cut using a sharp knife into as many vases as you need
  2. Place a piece of oasis in the bottom of the mirror vase
  3. Twist bottom of roses to suit the height of your vase and press stems into oasis
  4. Pull flowers into a rounded shape to fill any gaps

And there you go, a pretty centrepiece!

Other Links:

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Mrs Rackley xx

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